The CMCC Community-Based Clinical Education Program

Teaching in the Community

The first time a new doctor treats a true sciatica, manages an acute low back pain concern, or has a patient cry in their office is memorable. How the situation is handled is crucial, both as a doctor and a human.

Dr. Cox is a professor and supervising clinician at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. As with the rest of the world, CMCC has had to adapt to the global pandemic and modify how clinical experiences are delivered to the students. As such, Dr. Cox is happy to bring an intern into Tottenham Chiropractic through the Community-Based Clinical Education Program.

The Community-Based Clinical Education Program provides Year IV interns the opportunity to move out into the field under the supervision of a CMCC approved chiropractor, provided certain criteria have been met. Through this program, interns are placed with field practitioners for a portion of their internship in order to receive hands-on experience in a private practice environment.

The extent that a student is involved in your care is your choice. The student may do the history, physical exam, and/or treatment, or not be present during it. Being seen by a student is entirely voluntary.