Self Care: Is it selfish?

January can be a very difficult time for people as they come off the hustle of the holidays; bills come in, the weather is still poor and everyone goes back to the same routine.  It is in January that self-care becomes even more important.

What is Self-Care?  Self-Care is any form of intervention provided by an individual to help look after their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Often overlooked, this form of care is critical in preventative medicine, reducing the risk of burn-out, illness, injury and mental health illness.

Some great examples include: taking time to read a book, meditating, volunteering, practicing spirituality, getting a massage (or see your chiropractor!), getting your body moving by going for a walk or trying yoga, trying something creative.  Anything out of the ordinary that takes time to focus on your own well-being is imperative, especially if you’re at risk for winter blues.

Check out this article in the CBC about how exercise is just what the doctor prescribed!15822584_373307156360761_3055936175206768815_n.png