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At Tottenham Chiropractic, we believe that movement is fundamental to a happy, healthy life.  A body that moves well will improve mood, enable a sense of freedom and help you live better.
Our goal is to keep your body moving, whether you’re recovering from an illness or injury, looking to prevent them, or seeking maintenance care of your already mobile body!

Tottenham Chiropractic is a health clinic designed to help empower it’s patrons to live their life optimally.  We will provide you with chiropractic care as well as the tools, education, and support necessary to maximize your quality of life. Chiropractors are specially trained doctors who excel in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries relating to the muscles and joints of the body. We can help you get your body back to function, whether it’s back pain, neck pain, down to your fingers and toes.

We have experience managing all age groups (from small children through to well-experienced adults) and many muscles, joint, posture complaints and injuries.

We use the best current evidence, with the patient’s comfort, to devise a treatment plan that is appropriate, achievable and sustainable for your best outcome.