Stress: friend or foe?

Sometimes in life, something, someone or some place can give you a lot of stress.  Do you have that person you’re always nervous about running into, or that project that keeps you up at night?  Check out this powerful video on the benefits of seeing stress as a friend, instead of a foe.


Low-Level Laser Therapy


We hope you had a great long weekend! Tottenham Chiropractic is excited to now offer low-level laser therapy! This tool has been found to be useful in wound repair and decreasing inflammation, which get help you recover from injury faster! It is among the many tools offered at TC – book your appointment to see how LLLT can help you!

23 & 1/2 Hours

Movement is key to a healthy life. It has wide sweeping impacts on your mind, your gut, your body and on your contributions to life. This video by Dr. Mike Evans was published 4 years ago, just before Dr. Dresser began working at St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto.

Here is an entertaining video to start the week off with – some inspiration to help get us moving!

Opening Day!

Tottenham Chiropractic is now open for business!

We have been so thrilled with the positive response we have gotten from the community. We look forward to contributing to a healthy community that moves well and feels well too!

Thank you to everyone for supporting this new business.  We hope we can continue to provide strong care for years to come!



At Tottenham Chiropractic, we believe that pain-free movement is fundamental to a happy, healthy life.  A body that moves well will improve mood, enable a sense of freedom and help you live better.

Our goal is to get your body moving after injury or illness and to keep it moving to fully maximize your ability to stay active and independent.

Tottenham Chiropractic is a health clinic designed to help empower it’s patrons to live their life optimally.   We will provide you with the tools, education, and support necessary to maximize your quality of life.

We have experience managing all age groups (from small children through to well-experienced adults) and many muscles, joint, posture complaints and injuries.

We use the best current evidence, with the patient’s comfort, to devise a treatment plan that is appropriate, achievable and sustainable for your best outcome.